Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So getting ever closer to these dastardly exams and still haven't done an ounce of study.... procrastination will not get the better of me!!

So here is a small yet handy little DIY tip!

I have this awesome pair of brown leather brogues, I bought them when we were on our honeymoon they are super comfy and very good looking but they have one massive negative - I can't walk 5 metres without slipping over.

So in seeking a solution for my slippery shoes I consulted the first person we always consult when we have a problem. My Mum.

Unfortunately she has the same problem and no solution :(

What to do, what to do? So of course I went to the second port of call when you have a problem, I googled it!

Apparently sandpaper is one of a myriad of solutions!! So I gathered the only sandpaper I could find (from an electric sander) and gave the soles a once over. The jury is still out but fingers crossed it works!!



  1. Oh wow COOL!!! Thanks for the tip :)
    I need to do this to some of my flip flops!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend! ox

    1. No worries!! :) not sure if it works yet - if not going to give something else a try

      You too!! It's very rainy and miserable here but hopefully not for long :/