Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thursday. ASOS Special Delivery!!

So while I was 'studying' I found myself on ASOS looking through their sale section (I swear they don't pay me I just really. love. ASOS.) and ended up making a few little purchases that I have been meaning to show you.....

So to break it down I got the Aran Jumper in Cream, Pleated Midi Skirt in Baby Blue and Colourblock Elastic Waist Belt in Orange. It cost me about $50 in total free shipping and they also offer 10% off for students though I forgot to apply it this time (dammit).

I've been practically living in the jumper it's super warm and versatile and though the neck might be a little high for me and my broad shoulders I am totally in love with it! Another great thing is the sizing which seems pretty spot on. The skirt is a little on the small side but nothing a bit of exercise can't fix and it was in the petite range.

I don't buy clothes very often anymore but have a feeling that ASOS and me are going to get along like a house on fire - they are also running a competition at the moment where you can win a $3,600 wardrobe so you should go enter it too :)  

If I'm feeling photogenic later I might just tweet a photo so if you aren't already, follow me @EmAtStepford ;)


  1. oooh that skirt looks gorgeous!


    1. I put it on this morning and its so pretty but its a little cold here at the moment :/