Monday, May 28, 2012

On the Table

So last week my husband came home from work with a really sad look on his face, he totally loves his new job and I mean LOVES so I wasn't quite sure what the problem could be. He muttered something, sad look still on his face. 'Can you make me some biscuits?' simple enough request right? so why so sad? 'Because all the other guys at work have awesome biscuits and cakes that their wives make and all I have is a ham sandwich'


So in order to help my cute as hell hubby fit in at work I agreed to make him some biscuits, but not just any biscuits some awesome double choc chip biscuits. Like these...

 I found the recipe via Tastespotting on Cooking with the Big Dogs which she found on the Gourmet: Day to Day blog. Instead of making the 11-12 huge/giant cookies we just went with 24 regular sized ones. I made them on Sunday and we still have about 6 left stored in an airtight container still tasting pretty darn good.

We accidently grabbed a bag of milk and bag of dark chocolate chips so I just used a mixture of both. No Subway cookie but I would definitely recommend them.

You can probably tell from the photos but they were definitely a late night snack... next he has requested Double Choc Muffins but I think I might also sneak in some of these (minus the chilli) they will surely blow all the competition out of the water.

Also on the note of packed lunches I recently found the blog This Lunch Rox! and it really does rock


  1. hahahahahaha :'D that is funny!
    but damn these look good!


    1. he makes me laugh that's why I married him :) but yeah they were VERY awesome! not very good for you but VERY awesome

  2. What a great blog! So glad I found it and I'm glad you liked the cookies! They are a favorite in our house. :)

    1. Thanks so much Jessy :) They are indeed great cookies