Friday, May 4, 2012

Cinco de Mayo DIY no. 5

Lucky the main participants in Cinco de Mayo are a little behind the time line in a different hemisphere because I seem to be getting into the habit of being late.... but again better late than never right? right?....

Ok so this last one is a no brainer it was intended for yesterday but I didn't get to Spotlight in a timely fashion and whipped it up quickly tonight. I felt like maybe I should not only focus on the decorations for Cinco de Mayo but possible fashions too.... so last time round I made a skirt and if I don't look hideous tomorrow maybe I will post some photos of it and I guess it needs some accessory kind of lovin' so this is what I did.

It's SOOOOOO simple anyone could do it.

  Pretty cool right and the best thing about it is you can always change it up later if you need to.
1. Go buy some beads (I tried to get some from the $2 shop but to no avail - each packet cost me $2 from Spotlight so I guess not too pricey) and if you don't have it on hand a length of ribbon (I chose red to match my skirt)
2. Grab a paintbrush with a skinny end (or use something else similar) and use it to push the ribbon through the beads
3. Continue until you have used your desired amount of beads
VOILA! done!

so so so very simple right? but effective and cheap and re-make-able. Also there are many different variations you can try - I was originally going to paint all the beads varying shades but didn't have the materials, you can also knot the ribbon between each bead to secure it or just simply tie one at each end to stop the beads from moving too much around the ribbon - so many options!   

If you give it a go yourself I would love to see your end result you can share with me via my Facebook page here, otherwise I wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!!

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