Monday, May 21, 2012

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea DIY 2

For todays DIY I headed over to the official Biggest Morning Tea site right here and had a look see at all the special recipes that some of Australia's most awesome chefs have come up with for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea. I was originally planning on making some pikelets but then I saw these Ricotta and Banana Fritters by Tobie Puttock and decided to give them a try!

 They are quite a bit heavier than pikelets but still pretty yummy - the recipe yields about as many as you see here in the picture minus maybe one or two :)

I sprinkled icing sugar over the top and ate them first with a fork and then just picked them up to eat by hand, I think these would be a great after school snack 
and don't forget to donate some money to the cause of the week! Australia's Biggest Morning Tea 

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