Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day DIY no. 3

I love these little (or big or even huge if you want) fans, they can be used for almost any occasion and as always are simple to make and adapt.

I used some decorative scissors to edge the paper on this one but you can also just cut triangles out of the folded fan to make one like this

Pretty neat huh? still wondering how to do it yourself?

1. Take some A4 paper, a glue-stick and some scissors (decorative or normal)
2. If you have decorative scissors now is the time to cut the long edge of each side
3. Then fold about 2cm accordion folds until you reach the end
4. Fold in half and if you didn't cut at step 2 you can cut a scallop now or any other cuts you would like to make
5. Glue the two halves together as in the bottom middle picture
6. Depending on the desired fullness of your fan fold another one (for cut-out fan fullness) or two (for scallop fan fullness) more sheets of paper repeating as before
7. Now you can glue them all together
8. Voila!

If you would like you can add a circle or heart to the centre with hot glue or even dab the edges in glitter - they are endlessly customisable


  1. PS: Can I grab your email address, got something I want to ask you! you can email me at tinkerfinca@gmail.com if you want

    1. Hi Jasmine :) I sent you an email now I will have to figure out where to put it on my blog :/

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I've been wondering how to make these...

    1. thanks for reading :) let me know if there are any other DIYs you were after

  3. how beautiful!! thank u so much for sharing this =)