Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day DIY no. 1

So we got washed out on Saturday when the 'possible showers' forecast turned into actual showers so our Cinco de Mayo party did not go quite as planned... but we did enjoy some lovely Mexican food and yummy Kiwi Margaritas... perhaps a little too yummy in my case. Which means I didn't snap any pics :(

But never fear it is a new week which means new things to make! This week's 'holiday' being Mother's Day nothing could be more appropriate than a cute DIY card!

It's super simple and easy to make and hopefully only requires materials that you may already have! I love love love watercolour and the whole ombre thing going on everywhere is SOO pretty so why not give it a go!

1. Cut your card to size - I had a 5x7 envelope so I used my cutter to take my a4 160gsm down to size
2. Grab some pink watercolour paint, some water and a paintbrush
3. Starting off super dark and not so much of the water paint a line or two across your card
4. As you work your way down increase the amount of water you are using to spread the colour
5. Grab some white paint (or any other colour) and write something over the top I simply wrote 'Mum' but you can write anything from '#1 Mum' to 'Happy Mother's Day' the choice is yours

The best thing about using watercolour is that it is relatively easy to correct any mistakes you might happen to make along the way and now you have a super pretty handmade card to give to Mum :)

TIP: K-Mart stocks pre-made blank cards and envelopes for a good price if you don't have a big cardstock stash like me :)

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