Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cinco de Mayo DIY no. 4

oops sorry guys a bit late today... I had something else planned for you but unfortunately uni has been taking a little more of my time than usual... so here is tomorrow's post today!!

So how can you not think about Piñata's when you think of anything Mexican? I LOVE making Piñatas, they don't often end up getting smashed but I LOVE making them! I made 'E' and 'J' ones for the wedding, I made some more for the last Mexican party we had, I made a monster one for my nephew and a few weeks ago I made a clover Piñata for St Patrick's Day. I guess once you start you can't stop.  
As I mentioned on Wednesday I used up my supply of coloured tissue paper so to cover my piñata I just used the same coloured paper as the tassels - they both work well so just use what you have or are comfortable with :)
1. Cut out your shape on some cardboard (I usually use cereal boxes but alas we had none at the moment) trace around it and cut another one so you have two sides that are roughly the same
2. Cut yourself a middle section and tape tape tape away!! (see my other tutorial or this one on Oh Happy Day! if you need more help)
3. Now is a good time to grab a hole punch and make a hole to string your piñata up
4. I find it useful to cut all the strips you think you might need straight up so when things start getting messy you don't have to wash your hands a thousand times (for this one I used 1 sheet of each colour cut into 4)
5. Tape or glue your fringes on starting from the bottom and working your way up - you might need to cut normal paper (unfringed) to cover the difficult spots like the nose and under the 'tummy'
6. Attach a string, fill with lollies and destroy at your will!!

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