Thursday, August 11, 2011

vision for seating

in continuation of my wedding 'vision' here is a little idea of what we are doing for the reception seating...

this was an area for some debate, i really wanted the wedding to be cocktail style not only to save money but so that it would encourage everybody to mingle a lot more and hopefully make the night more enjoyable for those who don't know many people. i investigated it all and a lot of the sites i found recommended providing seating for a little above half of the guests. Now initially we were looking at about 100 guests but this number will be significantly less i think due to a serious deficit of people attending from my side... say more like 70.

and that's ok. i was at first a little taken aback by it but as long as all the important people are there thats all that matters.

now the seating....
it will be a combination of picnic rugs, circular tables and a few 'lounge' areas - hopefully this will cater for all types of people

source: Vintage + Chic via That Kind of Woman and Greige via Glamorous Little Side Project
source: Beauty Comma and Simply Bloom Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs
source: Desire to Inspire and SF Gate via You are the River

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