Sunday, August 28, 2011

i've got the bug

it all started one day while mucking around on Pinterest and now i have another computer related addiction... yep colour palette generating

but with so many pretty colours and pictures out there how could you not...

source: Glen Proebstel via SF Girl by Bay

but whats lovely about pinterest is it introduces you to websites you would otherwise never know about for example the interior stylist Glen Proebstel who is the brains behind this wonderful picture

on another note i was on Rock n Roll Bride earlier today where i saw a feature on a zombie attack engagement shoot SO FUNNY see it here (she also has some interesting articles about blog PR)

on a progress note: after successive trips to Bunnings (long ones i might add it really sucks not being just down the road anymore) we are still struggling to get the varnish out of the corners etc on the chairs and just keep forgetting to get new staples for the staple gun (note to self: MUST WRITE REMINDER ON FOREHEAD)

but did polish the Parker chairs and damn they came up good with totally minimal effort thats what quality gets you

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