Saturday, August 27, 2011

spring is almost here!!

while those on the other side of the globe prepare for colder months, we of the great island country get our togs (swimmers in Australian), snags (sausages) and golden blonde hair ready for the Aussie spring/summer. For some that means shedding the winter coat off our legs, losing the tubby tummies brought on by rich winter foods and the beginning of camping season.

for me my most vivid memory of spring/summer as a child is getting sent to the pool with my sisters with $20 to pay for rides on the then giant slide and to buy food from the kiosk. They had the best scallops (potato cakes) and Paddlepops only cost something like 80 cents. You would eat your icecream first as the summer heat would quickly turn it to mush, catching the drips with your tongue before the sticky goo got all over your hands, then jump straight back in the water scouring the bottom of the deep-end for money and trinkets lost by other swimmers.

source: What Katie Ate - colours via DeGraeve Colour Palette Generator

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