Saturday, August 13, 2011

colour palettes

my share is a little bit different today, while pinteresting this morning i came across this link for the creature comforts blog. Basically its a tutorial on creating colour palettes without the help of photoshop etc using a site called DeGraeve. You simply enter the image URL (this can be done by right clicking the image on a normal PC) and clicking 'Color-Palette-Ify' and voila you are done. Now not sure how a professional would do it but to make the following picture I just clicked print-screen, pasted it into publisher (paint would work too i just like publisher better) and came up with this....

source: whereisthecool via randomitus
  handy right? not sure what kind of copyright issues it would bring up but i am sure that if the image used is referenced properly there shouldn't be a problem but if anyone knows any different please let me know

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