Wednesday, August 10, 2011

progress and horrible pictures

you know how there is at the point you hit when it seems like the wedding is getting really close and things progress really fast? we are there.

went strolling around the shopping centre today while on the phone to my MOH talking about the other bridesmaids dresses.

she has bought hers it looks like this...

Decjuba Bracken Cowl Neck Dress
so now we are trying to find some to match - well coordinate well with, again forever new has some good'uns

like this one...
Forever New Maya Mesh Embellished Dress

the boy and i have also been working on our ring book and i believe it is pretty much finished (still tossing up whether to glue pages together or not) so excuse my horrid pictures i took them in a rush and just to show the family what we have been doing...

still a little worried my paper thin ring will fall out onto the grass and be lost forever but i think we might tie a ribbon around the whole book you know just to be sure. Just in case you were wondering we used spray adhesive to glue the velvet to the book (much like contacting a school book) and a stanley knife to cut the holes out for the rings. You could run craft glue around all the edges of the book to keep the pages together but ours was left as is and still seems secure.

also got a little bit of random shopping done including the super bargain purchase of upholstery fabric for chairs @ $3 a metre and this little collection of things...

all coming together nicely indeed..

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