Thursday, August 4, 2011

ceremony vision

it is now 49 days till the wedding, WOW. yesterday we went suit shopping with the boys at Roger David it was tres stressful but after the groomsmen disappeared the boy and i shared a look or two of mutual 'wow, it's really happening/how exciting!/i love you so much' funny how a look can kinda mean all those things yeah? we also ended up purchasing our wedding fragrances and i picked up some pink lippy and nail polish

source: Davidoff Cool Water and Dolce and Gabbana Rose the One
ps i really apologise today my grammar/spelling is even worse than usual for some reason

i also purchased our glamping tent off eBay and did a count of the chairs 8 to go!! but if i can collect more pretty ones i wont have to use so many of the ugly bistro ones

in other news its the boys bucks night/wkd next wkd and as he is going away i think i might head up the coast and do my pallet coffee tables (which means i should probably order my castor wheels) and possibly meet with the photographers and in doing so i would like to share my vision for the day so what better way to get that sorted than to share it with all of the world!!

so here goes...

source: Marta Locklear Photography via Style Me Pretty and Marianne Wilson Photography via Style Me Pretty 

from my previous post here

source: Gabriel Ryan Photography via Green Wedding Shoes and La Lune Events

source: Katie Day
source: Josh Merideth of Bella Grace Studios via Ruffled and Paperbird via Pinterest

source: Jose Villa via Once Wed 'Flowers in her Hair'
and thats all for now folks thanks for watching

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