Wednesday, August 10, 2011

picture of the day

source: Pinterest Vanessa Dunn
today is a day for no motivation, the boy is still in bed we stayed up late last night watching the first season of Prison Break on DVD. We meant to only watch one but found ourselves continually saying 'just one more' luckily neither of us have anything on until 11. yes we are both incredibly lazy.

so while pottering around this morning i re-discovered this wedding on Snippet and Ink. It was one of the first ones that really touched a chord with me and we even talked about doing our own backyard movies to end the reception but alas didn't work out. still i think this is one of the most beautiful weddings around and i will feel lucky to even get close to its beauty for ours.

also was checking out the Bash, Please blog and quite some time ago Rue did a shoot of their workspace. yep i am jealous, check it out here 

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