Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wednesday. Games

So I guess I am a kid at heart because when we were discussing throwing a superhero party my thoughts instantly went to kids party games. Namely pass the parcel. And every kids game has to have a prize right? This time of year in Australia all the big stores have MASSIVE toy sales, considering myself pretty lucky I headed to Big W and picked up a whole lot of Nerf Guns. Because Nerf Guns are awesome fun.

And this is what happened...

BTW please ignore my super messy kitchen, we ran out of time :/
They tried to shoot potatoes off each others heads, the Captain America mask of course was being used to protect the eyes and face, the beer well....

In the end we had three games; create your own superhero (using a template I made in photoshop), pass the parcel and then Celebrity Head. I was Phil Collins, Joel was Gina Rinehart.

For the decorations, as I was running a tad late we kept it REALLY SIMPLE!! I did manage to get a super cool banner off Etsy but that is a story for Friday :)

Balloons and streamers in coordinating colours, it's not going to win any prizes but it is quick, simple and cheap and it works!

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