Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On the Table.

I have my yearly sickness at the moment, that cough that kicks in towards the end of winter, the kind that  makes you feel tired but not sick enough that you need to be in bed all day. Just the irritating kind of sick. I guess I should be grateful that my immune system is so stellar that this is all that usually troubles me all year. Yep I guess I must have eaten a lot of dirt as a child.

So I am going to soldier on and deliver to you some cupcakes and macaroons from the last week that was an un-sick week, one full of motivation, energy and enthusiasm. Not like this week at all.

I also apologise to my lovely friend Victoria who I seem to have given the sickness to while baking these said goodies.

Yep we made macaroons they aren't perfect but they are getting there!! If anyone wants to volunteer their oven to Victoria I am sure she would kiss you, but then you might get our sickness too.....

We also made cupcakes, but we were super tricky, we didn't use ANY recipes OR measuring implements. Because we rock like that! And they weren't bad I promise, just ask Joel's workmates who scoffed them down the next day! :)

I'll post some more pictures on my Facebook page here :)

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