Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY Blackboard

So if you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed that we have had a blackboard in the works and today I am going to share how we did it.

I haven't had a chance to take any more awesome pictures of it, but I do assure you its totally awesome!!

Firstly you will need to head down to the hardware shop and pick up the following; 1x MDF Board (3mm thick, 900x600mm), 4x wooden planks (we got cypress picket cut-offs), a packet of timber screws (6Gx6mm), a tin of blackboard paint and a roller. All in this cost us about $30 but the blackboard paint was $12 a tin and I didn't even make a dint in it.

1. Using the roller, paint your MDF using the blackboard paint, you may wish to give the board two coats
2. Measure your planks and saw according to the size of you MDF board - In this case we had 2 planks that were 600mm long and two which were about 770mm long (900mm-2x width of plank)
3. Position your planks and screw them to the MDF from the back so the screws are not visible (you can simply nail instead but screwing allows you to remove the frame if you decide to repaint or glue and screw frame on)
4. Et Voila!!

Great for in the kitchen, for events or even for a market stall - this one had it's first use at our friend's engagement party as a menu board

Note: Remember to 'chalk' the board before you use it for the first time


  1. so cool! I really want to use chalkboard paint some day.