Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monday. Captain America Piñata

So I had a very busy Thurs-Sat organising and making things for Joel's Superhero party I didn't have quite enough time to be as organised as I would have liked mainly because I forgot to get sour cream for his cake on Friday so I had to make it on Saturday, taking up a good few hours of precious costume making time.

But it went well, I think, we had a few kid-style games to play and I bought Nerf guns for prizes, the ensuing Nerf gun war proving that men are never too old for toy guns. The weather kept us inside instead of in the park so alas again the piñata was not smashed, I think we may take it up to his folks place for his actual birthday and he can smash it there.

But then again this piñata was the hands down must frustrating piñata I have ever made, so seeing it smashed may bring a feeling of painful revenge.

However it does look pretty darn awesome!! I realised after I made it that it probably would have been easier to simply buy a target piñata and then add the blue circle and star but I am a sucker for piñata making!

This hopefully gives you a bit of an insight into the process and if you live locally I would be more than happy to come up with a custom piñata for any event you have planned! Though maybe not one like this for a little while :/

Tomorrow of course I will be covering the cake!


  1. Oh my god Emma, A CAPTAIN AMERICA PINATA!!! SO COOL. A superhero party in general, AWESOME! Can't wait to see the cake.


    1. thanks so much Angie it was a bunch of fun :) cake not very superhero-ey but still pretty damn good