Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monday. Engagement Party.

I mentioned last Monday that Joel and I attended a friends engagement party on the weekend, we had a lovely time and it was so nice to be again surrounded by everything weddings etc. I really do love it all, people grouped together in celebration of the love of two, it's totally mushy but gosh it's sweet. Anyho I was thrilled to make up a few decorations for them and now I have some lovely photos to share with you taken by another wonderful friend.
Of course it was inevitable that I make a pinata this one actually didn't have any lollies in it and was quite difficult to crack open, something I will have to think about in my future pinata making. Sarah is incredibly proud of her little garden which she made using all recycled materials and her cute bike which she told me she got from a garage sale for free after riding it around all day. She laid out tons of cute little tealights in jars all throughout the garden and they served a traditional hangi


  1. love the pinata! also the blue color scheme is super gorgeous :) xo

    1. Thanks Angie! She wanted a winter kind of feel so we went with baby blue :)