Thursday, July 26, 2012


We finally re-discovered our iPod Classic on the weekend and along with it I rediscovered a whole bunch of old photos I had saved onto it. I love looking at old pictures like most of us do and as I was thinking about what to post today an old picture seemed like a great idea!

These pics are from a family holiday that we went on to Huskisson on the NSW South Coast, I don't know why we needed snorkels when the water clearly isn't deep enough, the goggles even more so but we look like we are having fun and those holidays were some of the best I can remember.

I love walking along the rocks and the NSW South Coast has some pretty amazing coastline if you ever get the chance to walk it - I remember Mum waking us up early to watch the sun rise and seeing humpback whales and dolphins in the water. Pretty darn special.