Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesdays?

So a little while ago I went through a stage of changing the way I blogged this included specific items on specific days, like Tuesdays were always about food, Wednesdays about weddings and Thursdays about fashion. Then I decided to use only my own pictures and things changed a little.

I still do a regular Tuesday food feature but now I also do 'Anything Can Happen Friday' where I try and feature a maker but as I get busier working with The Wedding Designer, my blogging is falling by the wayside and I need to stop this happening!! so shall I try and incorporate this amazing passion into my blog again? YES!! so Wednesdays will again be all about weddings (and events) !!! :)

So below are a few pictures from our awesome set-up at The Big Day bridal expo at Avoca Beach which took place last Sunday.

We were lucky enough to be again collaborating with Jade McIntosh Flowers whom provided us with all the wonderful flower arrangements which are now hanging out in the studio making everything smell super beautiful :)

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