Monday, September 17, 2012

On the Table. High Tea in a Box

So tomorrow is my birthday.... in case you were wondering I turn 24, I am still a spring chicken but when I look at my age these days I think of all the things I told myself I would accomplish.

I am sure many teenagers blurt out such phrases as 'I'll have my first child before I turn 30' or 'I'll have some kind of kick ass career by 25' or in my case 'Dad, I'll be so rich by the time I am 30 I promise I will buy you a Maserati' ..... I don't think Dad is holding his breath for that one but then again I didn't say what sort of Maserati... or in what way I would be rich....

You see I am at that point in my life where I still believe that dreams are possible and right now being able to work with the amazing Jess and Lane at The Wedding Designer, doing something I really love doing and with fun people who are equally passionate about it all makes me feel pretty rich. I feel so fortunate to have such a brilliant supportive family around me and people like my Grandparents who indeed make life feel full, my sisters who are each inspiring in their own ways and my nieces and nephews who have so so much of life and love to look forward to!

So how will I be spending my birthday? I will be taking tea in the park with some lovely friends, eating cakes and dressing like a lady! and in the evening I will be hanging out with some other friends talking weddings and eating cheese sounds like a pretty super day to me! :)

Today has all been in preparation for that. I started the morning making chocolate cheesecake truffles, followed by coconut logs (I still need to drizzle them with chocolate), then I whipped up a banana cake and finally Joel and I tested out making mini chocolate cakes using baking paper and then a small empty baked bean can. I will share pictures of the finished product next Tuesday but now I have to whip up some white chocolate ganache to coat that little beauty of a cake.... and clean up the mess I made  


  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Em......
    Have a great day!!! Fingers crossed for good weather ;o)
    Tania xx

  2. That food looks gooood.

    I'm not sure if it's your birthday now, with all the time zones and whatnot, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY or else HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY and in either cases CONGRATS :D

    x Angie ||

    1. lol actually I think you got it spot on ;) thanks :) I had an AWESOME day!!