Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thursday. Hipster Dad

I am not sure if the hipster thing is a worldwide craze at the moment but since Jess and I have started working together I have been trying to explain the finer points of the hipster to her. We are still both incredibly confused.

But to clear things up I am not and neither is she a hipster, wait does that mean we are?

When I was up north visiting my Grandparents I discovered some photos that made me think that perhaps maybe at some point my father was (or would be today).

Let's start with this picture here, Dad is the blonde one, with the glasses and tie. Unlike a regular hipster Dad actually does need to wear glasses and given the ones he wears now are totally different I believe he was not intentionally trying to be a 'hipster' in fact he was probably just what you would call a 'dag'. Sorry Dad I love you.

In this picture he stands with his mother and 4 brothers (the 5th one is yet to be born). Again with the glasses but now he has added the ultimate hipster accessory 'the musical instrument' I can actually vouch that my father is ACTUALLY an incredibly talented guitarist albeit just a little shy. The hipster radar now goes totally berserk when you add brown pants to the occasion. By the way these two pics were taken in the late 70's.

Upon finding this picture of your father looking like a total nerd in a scouts uniform you can breathe a sigh of relief, no he would never have been a hipster, he is still the loser-ish funny, joke telling, expensive toaster buying father that you know and love.

Could one of your parents have been a hipster? I would love to know :)


  1. hahaha this was funny. I think the point of hipster is that they kinda look old-fashioned, though? I kinda like that fashion!

    but then you also have the ones that don't shower and look like bums, haha.

    Hipster is hard to define, indeed!

    Anyway my dad, no way! He was into soul. OH my gosh I wonder if he would let me put old pictures of him on my blog! Probably not. :P

    x Angie ||

    1. I asked Dad about it after I posted :/ naughty daughter but I think he liked those pics and we kinda have the same sense of humour so he liked it :) YAY!

      Yeah I kinda like some hipster style too except when they take things a little too far.... :) you should search 'bondi hipster' on YouTube SO funny ;)