Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday. Post-Birthday-itis

So I didn't post yesterday and I am super late today, I am putting it down to post birthday-itis. You know when it's your birthday and you tell everyone that they have to do stuff for you because its your birthday but now it's the day after and you can't say that anymore but still want to?

Yep that's me.

But actually I was a little busy today doing many bits and pieces that aren't really big enough to mention separately. But together they amount to lots of weddings on the horizon (including one this weekend) and even a bridal expo to attend! On Sunday!!

 Know anyone getting married? I hear there is going to be a pretty super goodies bag and The Wedding Designer is going to have one fun interactive little section going on!! So get your butt down there and take a look ;)

in the meantime get ready for tomorrow it will have you salivating :) 

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  1. I totally get that feeling! This year I'll be celebrating for three days haha looking forward to it already!

    Angie || www,