Monday, September 3, 2012

On the Table. Cupcake Delivery

Just putting it out there I am a terrible friend.

I forget to call and message my friends all the time and I am probably really irritating, I think I talk about myself way too much and I never know what to say to comfort people or in difficult circumstances. My sisters know better than to call me for sympathy, not that I don't feel for them I just don't know how to express it.

My friend Victoria on the other hand is awesome.

She is super busy all the time yet is able to make time for every one of her friends and then she does awesome things like message me and say 'hey do you and Joel want to come over and pick up a box of cupcakes?'

Yeah these aren't just ordinary cupcakes they are beautifully decorated and super tasty ones, I don't know what she puts in them but gosh they are addictive!!

They are SO good we think she could even sell them if she wanted to, so what do you think? Would you like Victoria to make some super delicious cupcakes for your next party or get together?

Or maybe YOU have an awesome friend like Victoria in which case you should definitely enter my giveaway so you can pass on the awesome pinata to that said awesome friend. Go on I dare you.


  1. wow, these are so simple yet so gorgeous! I have to find out how to make buttercream roses!
    I think these are definitely pretty enough to sell!


    1. and they even survived Joel's driving! :) buttercream roses look so amazing and I am sure they can't be as hard as they look.... right?