Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wedding Wednesdays

Super quick follow-up to my last post and like the last one this will be short and sweet - remember how I said a few weeks ago that things seem to always happen at once for me well let that all continue... I have an exam tomorrow and must have the remainder of my Mother's Day stock shipped by the end of the week... I'm nearly there!!! But as always the demons of procrastination would have me doing other things like watching catch-up episodes of Dance Academy on iview (I may not be 15 but damn it I'll watch that show).

In the meantime I would love to share with you a single picture from this Whimsical Bohemian Wedding Inspiration shoot featured on Green Wedding Shoes. Yep that's right they did all this simply for inspiration.

I'm still saying WOW

Three Nails Photography featured on Green Wedding Shoes
So until next time adieu and if you would like to see what crafty goodies I have been working on head on over to my Facebook page

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