Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Baskets

I am almost ashamed to post these tutorials they are so incomplete looking but I am determined to finish things!!! at least for this month. I am procrastinating. I have SO many Mother's Day products to finish up (will furnish you with some pictures by Thursday... or maybe next Tuesday) but today I am trying to dedicate my time to doing my bit on my project management assignment. Oh God it's painful! Assignments this vague should be illegal, so I have written lists, put some washing on, thought I might read a chapter of a book...... finish that book, why not make some pancakes and hey put some choc bits in between (because I can), commiserate over how sick said chocolate pancakes made me feel, call my sister tell her about my procrastination efforts, check Facebook, check email, check Facebook again, add more to the lists, go get washing, lay head on table for several minutes, make coffee, commiserate lack of photoshop to edit horribly lit pictures, check Facebook, check other email, watch new Avengers trailer on YouTube, go on Pinterest, do some more research, post Easter baskets to blog....

1. Take A4 card and trim to 20cm wide (at the same time you can also cut to 20cm tall this was an afterthought I probably could have used) 
2.  Measure in 5cm on all sides (making for a square of 10cm in the middle) 
3. Cut out squares as shown (or alternatively don't cut squares and simply snip one line on all sides)
4. Score along the base with a heavy knife (the weight of the knife alone is enough to score)
5. Decorate sides 
6. Tape sides up (I taped the inside) if you snipped instead of cutting this part is probably a whole lot easier
7. Cut a handle out of scrap card and attach

The second basket is a little more complex but is a 1000 times cooler....

1. Using an A4 sheet of card cut 20 strips (I measured them 2cm wide) 
2. Lay 6 strips horizontally and 6 vertically and then weave them through each other as in above picture
3. Push strips tightly together and try and make all sides as even as possible 
4. At this point you can choose to glue a bottom to your basket though if you use card rather than paper it seems strong enough
5. Using hot glue, glue the corners together
6. Fold up all the edges towards the centre
7. Take 2 strips and join them together using glue or sticky-tape
8. Hot glue one end to the bottom corner of one of the sides and weave as before (I found it easier to hot glue at each corner of the basket) 
9. Repeat until you reach the top (which is two more lines or 2 sets of strips) 
10. Fold over and glue the tabs still sticking out of the top excepting 2 on 2 sides of the basket
11. Glue or tape the remaining 2 strips to these tabs joining them diagonally so they cross over

Now you can fill your baskets with eggs or continue to decorate and change them as you see fit!

   Now for me back to the grindstone.... or Facebook

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