Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mon pere

today's post is all about my papa.

i am oh so proud to have a super close relationship with my dad and feel even more fortunate to have him around. we seem to have lots in common including the super big nose and bone structure that he in turn gets from his dad. my parents own a small business and for anyone else that does the same they would know how sh*t hard it can be sometimes, hard work, very little play and rewards are few and far between.

he turns 60 next year yet they are still a little way away from retiring so with his permission i am planning on planning a super kick-ass birthday for him as my special way of thanking him for being there for me all the time.

he comes from a musically talented family and one of my favourite things to do when i go home is to listen to him play classical music on his guitar (he is also a pretty good singer) he also comes from the woodstock/vietnam war generation and was a proud 'hippie' (yep long hair and all) and loves all things colourful. I believe he is a pacifist and he is also widely supportive of the controversial 'carbon tax' legislation.

he likes Doctor Who and dark humour (he recently put me onto the BBC show 'Misfits' it's hilarious you should go look it up... NOW). My parents also live virtually in the desert that is central NSW but he thinks we should go up to QLD for his bday.

Last Father's Day I made him this card

source: someecards

    and for his birthday this is what i have come up with so far.... excuse the language

source: Dream Factory on Tumblr and something in a language which is completely foreign to me but can be found here
source: Far Out Flora - DIY Succulent Table

source: W.Scott Chester Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

i have also downloaded a couple of fonts from DaFont to play around with including Shagadelic, Keep on Truckin' and Confessions...

for the invitation i was thinking something along the lines of a 60s/70s concert poster in the art nouveau style at the moment i am torn between the muted colours above and the bright garish colours below...

source: DIY Spray Painted Flatware from Creature Comforts and Slightly Inspiration on Tumblr
it's a tricky business :)

oh and 9 days until the wedding :) i woke up screaming with excitement this morning :)

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