Saturday, July 30, 2011

word of the day 'wonderful'

a few random thoughts to get the wonderful day started;
1. last night i had a dream where a dinosaur tried to eat me, what does that mean???
2. when describing a style why do people use the term 'shabby chic' if it's shabby it certainly isn't going to be chic, can't you use the word 'vintage' or 'French Provencal' or something  other than 'shabby'
3. i entered this competition this morning, what is your wonderful advice for not FREAKING OUT on your wedding day 
4. also love this wonderful whimsical wedding from The Lane
5. how many times do you think i can fit wonderful into this post?

with all that out of the way, direct from my pinterest boards i bring you all things white and wonderful...

source: Ian Stevenson 'Something Great'

Source: Habitat via Poppytalk and Short Rib Ragu on Minimally Invasive
Source: Banana, Nutella and Cream Cheese Cake by Always with Butter

Source: photo by Jimmy Backus via Garden of Dreams

have a wonderful Sunday!


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