Friday, July 29, 2011

quilts, lovely weekends and even lovelier ladies

a few weekends ago I went away with all my sisters, friends, mother and belle-mere for my hen's/bridal shower/bachelorette or whatever you choose to call it. I had the most amazing time and feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful ladies in my life.

My wonderful sister and MOH planned it all - we stayed in a holiday house on the Central Coast and every morning woke up to a lovely view of the ocean

Patonga Views

my camera is still out of action and my iPhone has been playing up so this pic comes from the Stayz website, the house was lovely albeit a bit unconventional - there was a toilet in the laundry facing opposite a fridge and a scary mezzanine floor with a shaky steel ladder. We all arrived on Friday afternoon, my MOH had decorated the house with some lovely pink balloons and we drank rose martini's and ate shortbread hearts while we all discussed what the weekend would hold.

They had decided to make me a 'pre-nuptial quilt' with each guest coming up with their own square - as we didn't quite finish it on the weekend I am excited to see the finished product. We had the most gorgeous dinner of Moroccan chicken with cous cous and baked eggplant and awoke the next morning to bacon and eggs and a lovely long bushwalk from Patonga to Pearl Beach. They bought me various 'bride-to-be' paraphernalia which I was made to wear at all times.

After our walk we poured ourselves some wine and sat down to a ploughman's lunch which ended up being so substantial as to furnish our dinner as well.

taken on my sister's camera, in my delay to post she uploaded pics for me
Then after much beautification we headed down to the local for .... several drinks. Needless to say it was an eventful night. We all had fun though and definitely felt sorry for ourselves the next morning.

While my friends and belle-mere left on Sunday I stayed on with my mother and sisters and we had a relaxing day and together went to watch Bridesmaids (yes with my Bridesmaids) it was absolutely hilarious and I highly recommend. we agreed it should be a yearly thing but that we should definitely include Dad next time :)

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