Friday, July 29, 2011

move to the burbs

firstly wow! it's been a long time between posts, to explain we have moved to the burbs and are still awaiting the phone to be connected.... I don't know how I have borne the deprivation.... probably been spending more time than usual at uni but anyway I collected a few posts in the interim which I am posting ... NOW

Last week brought with it mother’s day and also marked 12 months since we have been engaged. As I count down the days (now 134) I cast my mind back to when all these wedding shenanigans began; my first thoughts on married life, how we were going to do it and more importantly when.

A year almost to the day ago we saw our wedding day as being some mysterious day in the future, sometime after we had finished uni and had enough money to make all our dreams come true.

However as the days flew by and I became more and more embroiled in the wonderful world of wedding planning it seemed like waiting would be the death of us. So what we had decided would be a date in the future with a more lavish engagement party now turned into a lavish wedding and a simple BBQ.

But then all the questions began; what kind of wedding will we have? Where will it be? Who will be invited? What meagre budget can we settle on?

With us both being uni students and a small budget the inevitable truth we first looked towards a small close family wedding only; I trawled the internet having envisaged a romantic vineyard wedding. Remembering my sisters beach wedding in which my Dad gave a truly touching speech, a speech I don’t think he could have undertook if his audience were not so small. It seemed like we were set so we began organising a wedding party to be held at the property of my future in-laws to celebrate the wedding itself. It was intended only to be a low cost thing but the budget quickly spiralled out of control.

We talked about and after consulting the future in-laws it was decided we would do away with both and simply hold a garden wedding for roughly 100 people at their home.

Whether this decision was the best we are still yet to find out

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