Friday, July 29, 2011


what is it about studying that creates such an overwhelming need to procrastinate? second day back at uni and here i am again... doing absolutely nothing productive with my time.

to be fair i did start my day early at the gym followed by my first French class for the semester but since i got home excepting one load of washing and bidding on some car related thing for the boy have done nothing. yep zilch.

but doing this great load of nothing got me thinking... i don't normally watch reality TV shows they irritate and bore me but while away i got into watching The Block on NBN with the boy's mother. In case you have never heard of it and think it's a interesting take on the wooden block as a toy in childcare centres or some other strange interpretation The Block is about 4 couples renovating 4 houses. Yep reno's, definitely our type of thing

there is obviously one couple that stands out as the best (well in our opinion anyway) and that is Josh and Jenna. in case you are wondering why they are my fave here is one of their latest rooms to be finished

they have this vintage industrial understated style which we both love but feel is kinda popping up everywhere at the moment... which doesn't mean it doesn't still appeal it just irks me and means more people criticize just because you happen to fit into the same category of people as everyone else (no ideas are original anymore people!!). I mean the style appeals to me I am not just saying I like it because it is 'in' at the moment.

And this is why....

source: Leslie Williamson via Floddertje and Where is the Cool? via Little Girl, Big City
it's those wonderful textures that your hands could use as a guide in the dead of night on the way to the bathroom or to the fridge for a midnight snack and during the day the deep, rich colours that change with the light that enters the room. The history of a piece of furniture, lighting or object - deep cuts made in wood or metal where a worker has been caught in a daydream and slipped up..... perhaps they were dreaming about green forests, tall mountains or wide fields we will probably never know

source: Nicole Lynn via The Drifter and the Gypsy

by the way just finished re-organising my pinterest boards feel free to have a poke around here.

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