Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday. As per usual

I hope that future employees, clients etc do not happen to peruse my blog on a sporadic basis (or when anything truly interesting is happening in my life) because if they did they probably would not come away with a good opinion of me.

Why? Just keep reading.

I am doing the markets this weekend, yep this very Saturday occurring but 2 days from now (today doesn't count it's pretty much over), I don't know whether I am just FREAKING out because I am a market virgin and have NO IDEA what to expect or if I really do have things under control. I think the answer might be a combination - I am definitely freaking out, my sister and I had a conversation today about how our family is full of chronic procrastinators and whether this is in fact linked to fear of failure rather than laziness..... what if people don't like the way I do things!!! crafting can be a pretty personal business, will I be able to handle criticism/rejection?? and also I have some things under control, but definitely not everything - I think I need to start small and work my way up rather than try and do a little of absolutely EVERY idea that comes to mind, otherwise I will have a whole lot of nothing in my stall on Saturday.

But let's look on the bright side, Pride and Prejudice (the good BBC one/actual book not the other silly one)   has been making it's way into my thought process with random lines just popping into my head at dull moments (strange considering I have read Persuasion WAY more times) and I did get some new business cards printed from Vistaprint.


  1. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine. I love those bows up there, so crisp and pretty! love the business cards as well x


    1. Thanks Angie you're awesome :) I'll get there just gotta 'keep swimming' :)