Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anything Can Happen Friday!! Be Design Solutions

In keeping with the Father's Day theme on the blog this week I chose this week's maker because of the awesome offering she has for Father's Day!! I found Karen of Be Design through the Made It site, which if you haven't visited previously is like the Australian Etsy. Karen has some awesome products in her store including this printable Father's Day pack, which comes in handy on those occasions when you realise that Father's Day is on this Sunday!!! and you haven't got anything for Dad yet!! oops.....

The other great thing about Karen is that she is extremely passionate about what she does, something that emanates from the way she has answered my questions :)

How did you come about the business of 'making'?
Well I have always been a creative person, and for a long time I have had a keen interest in graphics, design and layout.  My previous job working with a photographer enabled me to develop my software skills and I kind of just moved into the field from there. Little jobs turned into bigger commissions and I learned along the way. Earlier this year I took the final leap and got some more formal training and officially launched my little business - and here I am - and LOVING it!

Who is your biggest supporter? 
I am incredibly lucky to have a team behind me - some very special friends and my dear family who have encouraged me so much. But my husband really has been my biggest support (he has bolstered my confidence when I have needed it most - and had to put up with my endless  "so what do you think of this idea…." type questions!!!)

Where do you see your 'making' taking you (in an optimistic world)?

I have a few new ranges I want to develop (like wedding stationery) so in the short term I would like to achieve that.
In the longer term I see myself working close to full time (as my kids get older), being financially successful (would be lying if I didn't say that!),  being known and respected by others for my work, and most importantly, continuing to love what I do.

Where can we get your stuff? 

FacebookPinterestMadeit Store, my Website and perhaps Etsy soon (when I get time!)

If you could be any animal in the world what would it be?
Oh this question ignited some fun conversation with my kids! I have always loved the idea of being able to fly so was tempted to answer a bird, but you know what. I think I would like to be a dog. Dogs just always seem so happy :)

Thanks so much to Karen for generously taking the time to answer my questions and provide the pictures for me to use!! You might have noticed she has other printables available in store as well - in this post I featured the Lucy and one of the Father's Day kits she has on offer.

On a side note for the locals are you attending this month's Olive Tree Market?


  1. these are definitely pretty! have to keep them in mind for next time!


    1. I believe she has some free printables too :)