Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thursday. Memories

Today's DIY is a do-it-yourself memory because really what Dad wants is to spend some quality time with his offspring!

Which is something I did last night while on the phone to my dear ole pa, we were both pretty tired so our decision making skills were pretty impaired  (he kept sending baby photos of my sisters, not me) but somehow we managed to put together these pictures of my childhood.

There are several things I remember about my Dad when I was growing up, including the stories he read us every night as children. My favourite was Koala Lou, I can still to this day, recite the story. Another activity that I remember well was going to the park and Dad pushing us on the swings SO SO SO SO high it was the best. When he worked at the supermarket early in the morning he would take us along to ride on the scrubbing machine. We might not have had much when we were young but Mum and Dad did a pretty damn good job of making us feel loved and special. Like the craft kit my Mum made for me one birthday out of an old mango tray, with gum nuts and pipe cleaners, glitter, glue and all sorts of random goodies.

I think looking back and now in my present situation it really makes you realise how limiting yourself promotes amazing creativity and I have my Dad to thank for encouraging that creativity. All those times when I have said hey I think I want to be a film director, architect, fashion designer, journalist, pilot, super secret agent spy, my Dad has always given me words of encouragement. He has supported me emotionally and sometimes financially and without him this blog probably would have languished. He was my first follower and the first to comment and the first man in my heart (sorry Joel it's a super close second) and I can't wait to have children so they too can have him around to read stories to, to fall asleep on the lounge and have make-up drawn on, to have pillow fights and most of all to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

So happy Father's Day Dad (for Sunday) I might not be able to spend the day with you but I am looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks time, so we can laugh about stupid things, drink red wine together and talk about when you are going to finish that book on procrastination : p
You are pretty much the awesomest Dad around and I feel SO lucky to have you

Love your little baby girl
Emma xx



  1. This is so adorable! Those baby pictures, awwww!

    1. lol thanks I think I kinda look a bit like a scary intense baby but its all good :)