Monday, August 27, 2012

On the Table. Father's Day Work Lunch

My parents own a business and happen to live behind the shop front, so unlike a regular packed lunch or bought lunch they are lucky enough to be able to just duck out the back and grab whatever it is they feel like.  When I visit I usually help them out in the shop because they are super duper busy and that's the best way I can spend time with them. Sometimes this includes delivering Dad's meal of the day - breakfast, lunch etc all rolled into one and served at around 3pm in the afternoon.

But for Dad's who don't get to come home here is a little snack for them to eat at work, and I think it is even simple enough that the kids could help!!

I had originally intended on using blueberries and apple to make some cute lattice pies but strawberries were on special so I grabbed those instead :)

Basically take one quantity of sweet shortcrust pastry (I make mine from scratch using a Donna Hay recipe), cut some shapes (or use a pie dish) and add your fruit filling, bake and enjoy!!

As always I will put more pictures on my Facebook page :)

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