Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monday. Pop-Up Shop

I am back from the weekend that flew so fast!!! So remember my wishes from last week for a job and a new car well one of those babies got answered!!

Joel came home with a new car for me!! WOO HOO!!! It is not currently registered but is the newest car we have collectively owned and has air con!!! This is a biggie for us though our cars have all had air con, they haven't actually had working air con.....

And on the job front well if you count working for yourself a job..... I am pleased to announce that this week I will be peddling my wares along with some pretty dresses from Floral and Spot at the Wedding Designer's studio in Wickham!!!!

Jess also has some great pieces by Steptoe Antiques for sale so if you are in Wickham or even Newcastle come pop in and take a look during business hours.

Can't wait to see you locals!! :)


  1. OOh congrats on everything! I wish I lived closer to you and see all that stuff your doing!

    1. thanks so much!! I know wouldn't be amazing! :)