Monday, August 6, 2012

On the Table. Icing.

Do you remember the cupcakes and macarons I made last week? (sidenote: it seems I got it wrong last time for more on macaron v. macaroon see here) Well it turns out they were so damn good that they spurned a cake share craze at Joel's work and now everyone brings in cakes and sweets to share!! Nuts hey? well anyway apparently it was our turn again so Joel had me baking in the wee hours of Saturday morn before I headed off to the Olive Tree Markets.

After a request for a 'manly' cake (is there really such thing?) I disregarded advice and made a simple butter cake with strawberry icing. Sounds simple enough right, here's the real story.

I always make this particular butter cake using the recipe from Donna Hay's Classics Vol. 2 - my go to cookbook for baking (and pancakes) I did everything exactly the same as I normally do - let eggs go to room temp, grease tin well, pre-heat oven etc etc. But for some reason the cake decided to stick to the bottom of the pan grrrr and what came out were a few chunks here and there.

I pieced it back together as best as I could and iced right over it!

And guess what they said? it was amazing!! I love icing!!

How exactly did I make the icing? I don't usually use recipes for icing I just make it up - a couple of cups of icing sugar, some butter, a dash of milk and a few spoons of strawberry jam - SO TASTY!!

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  1. that DOES look good. yummy! :D