Thursday, August 2, 2012

Anything Can Happen Friday. UKU

I am genuinely excited about today's maker Patricia of Uku. She found me over on Facebook and after taking a quick look at her designs she was a no brainer to appear on the blog. I am not a big jewellery wearer but her stuff is just awesome! Patricia is from Peru but lives in Queensland, Australia but I will let her take it from here.

1. How did you come about the business of 'making'?
My first love of craft came with a bunch of old embroidery patterns received when I was living in a mine town just five years ago. Threads, needles and fabrics were my daily companions, until I started to make jewellery then I was “hooked” on it. I adore assembling all sorts of materials that later on will be worn by an unknown person.
When you buy a handmade piece you feel connected, inspired with and by the maker, you feel an empathy with the hands that made that piece and I just love that sort of invisible connection, maybe that is why I opened UKU.

2. Who is your biggest supporter?
My husband is my biggest supporter and my best advisor.

3. Where do you see your making taking you in?
I look forward to venturing into new areas. Textile design is one of my biggest passions and I would love to introduce that skill into my jewellery.

4. Where can we get your stuff?
At the moment you can find UKU at my etsy shop

5. If you would be any animal in the world what it would it be?
A blue Kookaburra.

I think she hits it right on the head! Buying handmade to feel connected with the maker, for someone whom English is not a native language she sure is eloquent and you can just see that the items she crafts are made with love.

As mentioned above you can find her beautiful handcrafted items through her Etsy store and while you are at it why not 'like' her on Facebook as well here.

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