Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anything Can Happen Friday! The Wedding Designer

So by now you have probably heard me mentioning The Wedding Designer, Jessica Coleman if you haven't you must have been living under a rock!! So I thought it was about time she made it onto my little Friday feature :)

If you have indeed been living under a rock and have no idea who I am talking about get ready to be blown away! I have been helping Jess out for about a month now beginning with that crazy week that was Edition 11 of 'Your Hunter Valley Wedding Planner' and this week with the little pop-up shop in her studio (which folks might just become a regular thing). But in this case more than ever pictures paint a thousand words and Jess is oh so good at what she does.

Thierry Boudan Photography 

Give me your elevator pitch. (What products/services do you offer?)
We are for the DIY Bride! From prop hire to the full design service.

Thierry Boudan Photography
How did your venture come about?
I saw a huge gaping hole in the market especially after designing my own wedding from across the country!

Who is your biggest supporter?
my Husband :)

Thierry Boudan Photography
In an optimistic world where do you see your business going in the future?
I would be just happy for it to keep going for a very long time :) its my passion and i get a lot of joy out out being so helpful to brides!

How can we find you? - Facebook and our website - and - I also took the liberty of starting Jess up with a Pinterest account here and we are still trying to teach her the ins and outs of tweeting @tweddingd

Thierry Boudan Photography
 If you could be any animal in the world what would it be?
I think horses are pretty amazing - anything free and adventurous!

Thierry Boudan Photography
All these photos were part of the styled shoot Jess and her equally awesome and super nice partner Lane recently did at Stanley Park, all photos are by Thierry Boudan Photography and all props and styling were done by Jess and Lane.

For more of her styling goodness you can always pop by the studio at 31 Throsby St Wickham to see what we are all working on - it's bound to be super cool ;)  just putting it out there

Next week on the blog we are getting geared up for Father's Day!! A DIY bow tie card, I am feeling some kind of blueberry goodness coming on for Tuesday, 5 awesome activities I used to (still do) with my Dad and much more


  1. oh my god, this looks so cute and lovely! I panicked a bit, father's day??? I thought it just passed! but it did, at least in the Netherlands haha. excited to see what you'll be doing though!

    Angie //

    1. lol yeah I know they should be universal :/ argh well :)