Sunday, June 3, 2012


As sometimes happens when you get into blogging one source will lead to another and then from there somewhere else - that's how I came to follow Rena Tom, a site all about giving tips and advice to those running creative businesses. Along with her many awesome contributors Rena shares things she has learnt first-hand about running your own business, retail trends, interviews with other creative business owners and practical information relating to legal issues and the other boring stuff that we should know about but tend to avoid. But why am I bringing her up? Well firstly so you can go check out her site here, but also because of this post by Keely Reyes about getting out of creative ruts.

So what's the post about? Keely suggests to keep those creative juices flowing to try and create/draw/write about hearts 50 different ways. So that's what I am doing :)

I am not sure this counts but the first thing I thought of doing was creating a new Photoshop template - of hearts of course :)

The pictures all shown here are my own, the first one is some heart wrapping paper I made back in January for Joel's Mum's birthday, the second is the stack of hearts I made for our wedding invitations, the third the fingerprint guestbook that Joel drew for the wedding and the last one the Happy Attack I made for a family member earlier this year.

I am still in study mode for my exams which happen to occur on the same day (18th June) so my posts for the next two weeks are likely to be short and sweet and now full of hearts!!

Why not give it a go yourself, I would love to see the results :)

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