Thursday, June 14, 2012


This Friday I have another local maker to share with you!! Rosie Ok.

If you haven't heard of Rosie before I will be surprised but I tracked her down on Etsy where she sells her awesome crochet bunnies and other cute colourful animals. Along with these cute soft toys she is super talented enough to spin her own yarn - yes that's right, along with making these great bunnies she also prepares all her own yarn and sells it!!! You can find it here if you are interested.

So did I also mention she was recently featured in issue 11 of Peppermint Magazine? If you follow the link here you can take a look and while you are at it you make your own mr bear or miss bunny.

You can find Rosie and her wonderful creations in a number of places; on Facebook, her blog, her Etsy shop here or locally on madeit here, you can also find a few items at Honeybee on Darby St (Newcastle) while your'e at it buy a bunny for me I am not usually one for soft toys but the colours just get me!!!


  1. talented lady! these are cute xo


  2. aren't they just? too bad i dont have anyone to buy them for.... the next little person birthday in my family is november :0