Monday, June 18, 2012

On the Table Tuesday.

YAY!! Finished my exams!!! Not feeling to positive about their outcomes but finally can get down to some good ole crafting ;)

So I mentioned yesterday that Joel was in charge of the menu this week so last night we had pizza for dinner. Yep could it be any more of a 'man' dish. Though it was amazing and considering my exam finished at 8 totally quick and easy. There is probably a way of making pictures of pizza taken at night look appetising... but I am yet to find that way.....

But let me assure you it was an amazing pizza, I usually make our bases myself but we wanted a quick easy meal so grabbed some pita bread instead, mixed some tomato paste with garlic, chucked some mushrooms, ham, pepperoni and basil and a little cheese and voila!! super satisfying pizza in less than 10 mins!!

Oh and also just have to mention Joel and I won some tickets to the Block Live Show in Sydney this Friday - he is so excited