Monday, June 11, 2012


On the table today... or rather a few weeks ago you might remember my yummy hubby's request for some awesome treats to take to work well that same week we also cooked up some double choc muffins!! Yes he was very lucky that week, not so lucky the following week but he carved it up that week :)

I didn't snap any pics of them out of the pan because it was late and they were tasty. You can find the recipe here, it is the first time I have used vegetable oil in muffins and Joel let me know that he could taste the vegetable oil so the hunt still continues for the perfect muffin recipe - apparently sour cream is the key but I am yet to try it.

I also visited Coco Monde on Darby St for the first time, the plates certainly photograph well but we left feeling very underwhelmed.
It did however get me thinking about giving the ole macaron another try, though I failed miserably the first time maybe a change in recipe is called for and of course the help of the piping master, I am really shocking at it. I bookmarked this recipe a long time ago maybe after the exams we will tackle it but for present back to the thrill of studying derivative securities.


  1. i find if you want to use olive oil in recipes that you buy an extra virgin oil that says something about being light... it has a lot less taste. Other than that, I guess find a recipe that uses butter? I love butter hehe

    1. Me too!! lol use it for everything!! but unfortunately on the quest for amazingly moist yummy etc muffins it's just not cutting it - but then again maybe my cakes are just not that good.... always too dry :(

  2. I once heard this tip for dry cakes, putting a little bit of sugar+water in a spray can (like you'd use for spraying plants) and spraying it on the cake. Never tried it myself, though.

    THOUGH I have to say 0h my god that first picture looks crazy goood. :D


    1. hmmm sounds interesting... will have to give it a try. Oh it was believe me the recipe called for choc chips inside and then ON TOP as well so good :)