Tuesday, June 5, 2012


If you are a follower of my little blog you might remember me writing about my Mum and sister flying over to Dili (East Timor) for a few days with the intention of running a marathon. Well due to some 'strong winds' the plane was unable to land on the alotted day and they missed out on the marathon instead spending a few days wandering around Dili. My Mum likes to buy things, I guess like most mums so I asked my Dad to snap a few shots of her purchases for me.

I believe they purchased the majority of things from street stalls, they both commented to me how confronting the poverty over there was. Katie even told me a story of how she stopped leaving things in their hotel room after finding a window in the bathroom broken.... until Mum told her days later that she had accidently done it herself.

I actually like this little boat but Katie told me she hoped customs wouldn't let it through, she said that when they bought it the two men in the stall were laughing uncontrollably, gesturing at her pants - trying to figure out a way to tell her that her fly was undone.

She also spoke of the incredible politeness of the people, after giving a stall holder too much money for water she was made to accept several more bottles in return and despite the language barrier they did incredibly well.


  1. aww those things are so cute! those men were rude though =/

    1. lol yeah funnily enough it happens all the time to her... think she might need some better pants :/