Sunday, June 10, 2012


My two finals will take place this time next week!!! I am such a bad student Joel has been studying his little heart out and I have been..... procrastinating..... I started up a Twitter account, you can follow me by clicking the link in the sidebar ---> also ahem changed my side bar around switched things up hopefully making things a little easier to navigate.... sent out some emails to a few makers trying to round up someone to feature this coming Friday....

btw shoot up your hand and send me an email if you want this to be you!!!

also bought some new black jeans which I will be tailoring this week into skinnies - I'm going to show you how, spent Saturday evening watching this movie on SBS and discovering that my husband has a secret passion for Bollywood, attended the Cherry Blossom Markets, headed to Warner's Bay so Joel could pick up a new tool chest and attempted to make crazy Chocolate Caramel Self-Saucing Pudding in the June issue of Super Food Ideas only to find it not so A1 as we were expecting it to be, and last but not least got my Downton Abbey fix

and because pictures paint a thousand words I painted the top of my Ikea Bekvam Step Stool gray.

We got a sample pot of this colour ages ago to paint two lamps that are now long gone - I also painted a few picture frames with the same colour - I am not sure what it is called but it's a Dulux sample pot. All I know is that I LOVE it.

On a side note through the Olive Tree Market I discovered that States of Nature is holding a Blog Workshop in Newcastle on the 30th June, for the past couple of months I have been teaching myself how to use Photoshop but would love to attend this workshop unfortunately it's a little out of my unemployed wage range BUT should be considered by anyone bloggers or no - Photoshop is a super handy tool to have in your arsenal!


  1. You've reminded me that I need to get along to the Cherry Blossom Market. Never know when it's on. Also, I will be going to the Blog Workshop. Might meet you there :)

    1. Yeah we will see! Would be fun :) - I've been twice to the Cherry Blossom Markets, they seem to have a lot of kids clothes but there are a few interesting stalls, in one of my Friday posts I will be sharing about one of the stall holders I met :)

  2. Am now following you on Twitter. Good luck on your finals. And oh, that stool looks great :)


    1. Thanks, Thanks and Thanks Angie :) goodluck with the OASAP thing I commented ;)