Sunday, May 27, 2012


This week is the last week of uni before exams, I am drawing ever closer to that elusive point called graduation but still no job prospects on the horizon I can't help but feel down at the moment but hopefully things will start looking up and up and UP!

So this week my posting might seem a little all over the place... mainly because I HAVE to focus all my energies on assignments due at the end of the week and the coming exams and thus I will have for you what I am going to call 'lazy blogs' things I have done/been doing that are simple and most importantly have already been photographed/documented etc.

 What is this? I hear you ask well after re-organising my sideboard which plays host to all my creative paraphernalia (we have no space so if it can't fit here, there is no where else to go!!)

It formerly had my uni stuff on the top along with my roll of brown paper and other stuff but I found it just looked way too messy all the time so ta-dah!

So much cleaner looking right? One day I will get round to taking photos of the whole flat but right now things are still a little all over the place - I want to get some of those space bag things to give us some more room in the cupboard and of course there is still the matter of Joel's boxes of 'stuff''

In the meantime don't my books look pretty? These ones are either my absolute faves or hollowed out books ready to be something else.....


  1. hi Emma, thank you so much for your comment on my blog.

    I love how this looks! Books are pretty! when I move I really want to feature them in my home like this as well!
    I'm going to follow you back :)


    1. Aaw thanks so much Angie :) as soon as my exams are done I will give one of those tops a try I promise, also thought you might be interested tomorrow I'm posting some awesome double choc cookies I made ;)