Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anything Can Happen Friday

So you might have noticed that there are a lot of new TV shows around the place at the moment, I watched a catch-up episode of Once Upon a Time this morning and would have to say the hype is legimate... well for me at least. I tried explaining the basic storyline to Joel and I guess he IS a guy... I am also super ecstatic that Channel 7 has FINALLY decided to air the second season of Downton Abbey.
I. Love. Period. Dramas.

So to celebrate I grabbed out my pretty teacup to drink my coffee in this morning with my matching side plate and banana bread....

oh and can you tell? that's an instagram shot which means YES my phone finally got fixed! I am practically singing from the rooftops.

But in other news what in the world am I going to celebrate now that there are no approaching holidays on the horizon? well excepting the end of financial year and that's not really that exciting

If you have any DIY's you would like me to have a crack at, something that you have long loved but never thought achievable leave me a comment below or better yet hop on over to my Facebook page to get the ball rolling  

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and fingers crossed I can come up with good projects for next week :)

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