Sunday, May 20, 2012

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea DIY 1

Wow all the while I having been asking for ideas for this week's DIY topic I missed one giant awesome one....AUSTRALIA'S BIGGEST MORNING TEA!!!!

For official details you can check out the website here but ultimately it is a fundraiser for the charity the Cancer Council and it's a big and very well loved one here in Australia. So if you decide you want to host a morning tea to raise money for the Cancer Council I am hoping to provide you with all the tools you might need - and as always cheaply and simply.

So other than organisation etc how does an event start? Well with an invite of course :)

Now you can probably do better with the lettering but below I am going to show you how to make a tea ring stain (which you could easily adapt to make a wine stain if you wanted to). It's as easy as making a cup of tea give or take a few minutes.

1. Grab a tea/coffee cup and saucer (or small plate/dish)
2. Make up some tea or coffee (I used tea)
3. Using a teaspoon spoon some of the tea into the saucer (I used about 3 spoonfuls)
4. Lift the tea cup out of the saucer carefully and put it gently onto the paper
5. Remove carefully again so you don't get excess drips
6. VOILA!!

NOTE: My teacup base was quite small so I made several 'rings', the longer you steep the better the colour will be

I chose to use blue watercolour for my lettering but you could print something out and do the ring stains separately, clipping the corners with a round punch will also make for a more professional finish with little effort. Put the invite along with some tea into a coordinating envelope and you are all set :)

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